School Visits
I would love to come visit your school! 

I have spoken to librarians, teachers, adult community groups, college classes, and schools of every size.  I have spoken to kindergartners through middle school students.  My presentations can be tailored to your school's needs. 

Feel free to contact me at
My presentations include:

* How I became a writer (and how you can do it too!)
* The writing and editing process (revisions, revisions, revisions)
* Where do the illustrations come from?
* Where do ideas come from?
* How books are made
* How to add suspense to your stories
* Show, don't tell
* And many more tips and ideas on writing

I bring manuscripts with editors' comments, folded and gathered copies, dummies, and more.

My presentation fee varies based on your school's location and the number of presentations required.  I prefer not to do more than four presentations per day, but will work with your school's needs.  Kindergarten presentations are 20 minutes.  Presentations for older grades are 45 minutes.

I can give you information on how to order the books from my publisher, or you can order books from your local bookstore.  I am happy to sign any of my books while I am at your school.

If you would like any further information, please contact me at

Theresa Martin Golding